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Volunteer Africa sends volunteers from all over the world to Africa. From Czech Republic, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Germany, and the Netherlands to name just a few countries where our volunteers come from.

Volunteers come from all walks of life and ages (18 and over). Some are teachers and students on summer vacation, some are taking a career break...we have even had honeymooners! Each year we get more retired volunteers joining us. Many volunteers stay involved on their return from Africa supporting new volunteers, continuing to fundraise and returning to Africa.

Can't volunteer your time? Well you can still make a difference by supporting the wonderful Tanzanian 'fundi's. The fundi is the site technician who leads the building work. Make a donation to further their work at HAPA; US$15 per day, US$105 per week or US$450 per month. Rather than a dinner out why not donate? Please click on the link DONATE NOW on the right. FUND A FUNDI!

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Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Moya Cutts by email or by Skype moyacutts

Volunteer Africa has partnered with Virgin Giving to enable volunteers to create their own fundraising page.

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Volunteer Africa is rated 2nd in the top 5 volunteering organisations internationally. Check out Also see us on Buzzfeed's 10 Trips to take that will actually teach you something.

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Why pay to volunteer?

Africa is not short of labour! Money is a different matter. Classrooms, homes, medical clinics, sanitation projects are some of the projects are made possible by the programme fee volunteers donate as well as their labour.

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Who volunteers?

Volunteers come from all walks of life and countries. Their time in Tanzania is often life-changing and many stay in touch with the villages and go on to set up their own charitable projects.

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